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A few parts of DCA  Rules are posted. Namely basic guidelines for character advancement. Take a look and plan ahead.
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Intresting Cooking Spells & Random Things of Dragnoxz (Read 4 times)

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Intresting Cooking Spells & Random Things of Dragnoxz
20. Mar 2017 at 13:39
It was time to experiment with cooking spells. Seafood is my favored so far. Some of it was not as tasty as expected, but it keeps improving and turns out better every time I have one of these cooking spells.

Below, A network of paths like this no longer exists now that some rich folks bought up a large patch of land and turned it all into a wasteland for timber.

Old Railroad Tracks lead off into the forest.

Exploring results in discovering big random objects sticking around in the forests.

Funny story. One day, after mowing a neighbors yard, some asshole horsefly landed on my leg, and I SWATTED at that bitch. Well, a few moments later, that bitch came back, and I went to swat at it again, and half way through the swat I had to abort because there was a very BIG dark blue Dragonfly right next to the distracted horsefly trying to land on me. The horsefly landed on my leg long enough for the big Dragonfly to swoop on in and PLUCK it off my leg, just before it dug in. The Dragonfly flew off going up with the whining buzz of the horsefly trying to escape. After a few moments the buzzing stopped.

I got footage of this happening again recently, when a cloud of dear flies were harassing my face. The one in the pic is the one that chased them off.

Above, Gadget was bored. Below, Mr. and Ms. Stick were on my hand screwing around.

Below is Pokey. Pokey likes to eat Crackers. Crackers use to be the mouse that temporarily lived in the house until it found Pokey poking around in the cage. Pokey escaped, so I moved OUT.

Pokey and Arthur (King Arthur) wouldn't get along.

Below. Um. I don't know what that really is. Maybe it's a real life Pokemon. Whatever those are, they are very aggressive, and bite, and seem to be territorial. They (because there were a few) liked the dried shrimp (turtle food) I gave them.

Long ago, that tree was that high. Before they chopped it down, it grew to 3 times that height. That was the worst winter. No power. I pulled muscles in my back from shivering so bad from showering with no power. Now I have been weakened to the heat and adapted to the cold, dammit.

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