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A few parts of DCA  Rules are posted. Namely basic guidelines for character advancement. Take a look and plan ahead.
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Resident Evil Gone D&D Style (Read 2 times)

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Resident Evil Gone D&D Style
08. Nov 2016 at 23:46
So I been Game Mastering this role play in a Resident Evil universe. Well, the player is role playing a 16 year old high school girl. Well, what happened is the outbreak happened, zombies are flooding the streets and she gets separated from her parents. She ends up in some alley near the action, gun shots ring from random places, and she sees two guys at a manhole opening. One of the guys was fat, the other a WW-2 veteran. She ends up getting in the hole, and there is one way or the other. The three of them choose a direction and make it to some metal gate that can't be opened, but also find a small tunnel. Well, fat guy can't get through the tunnel, so he goes back the other way alone, but the old guy and PC girl go through the small tunnel.

They make it out at a water treatment plant where a dog finds them and makes friends, and later police find them, and take them all, including the dog, to a refugee area just outside of the police station building (Well, the back parking lot). Her WW-2 veteran ends up getting sick and has to go to the hospital. Ambulance takes him and some others who are also sick. She never learns what happened to the old guy or fat guy from earlier. She gets to go into the station, sleeps on some bunk, and wakes to gunfire. Outside everything in the camp is all good, just cops had to shoot a dude who turned.

Later, a cop shows up and takes her down stares through the basement to parking garage, and two other cops are there. One guy slips and is knocked out hardcore. Blood leaks from his ear, so they get in a police car and take him to the hospital, but they find the hospital is kind of in very bad shape. It looked as if it had been ransacked. They go in, look for help, and fail to. They go in elevator, and one of the floors is SWARMED with unaware zombies. They let the elevator close and go to a DIFFERENT floor, which is more clear. Elevator closes, ends up back at that zombie packed floor, and oh shit, knocked out blood leaking ear cop wakes up and cracks off a SCREAM that gets the attention of all them zombies, and well, PC goes through them and finds an empty room, other than a zombie at a window. She pushes it out the window and just before a pack of zombies enters she SLAMS the door, and locks it. She is alone. Later, choppers deploy troops near by, cops come get her. Elevator is not responding, so the other cop must be busy, but zombies are going up the stares, so she goes UP since it's her only option. She and one cop that is left of the three, run around the roof trying to wave the choppers in.

A pair of Black Hawk choppers, unlike the other types, approach and attempt a land. The cop sees the zombies crowding and he enters the elevator, the choppers shoot the pack that followed him. One chopper has to circle around, and the other continues shooting zombies, and then the first chopper lands, dude grabs her and straps her in, they take off and head out, but a CLOUD of black birds rise into the chopper, messing it up, and it goes down. They crash land, find an apartment place to board up, sleep, collect supplies, and leave at night. they make it to a sewage drain thing before a pack of zombies find them.

They emerge from the sewer, find an empty street, and get well, the street erupted in uhhhh's, and they got swarmed by zombies. She bolts through the forest of rotting legs when they are clustered and the chopper crew follows. They make it out of the worst, with only minor scrapes and bites. They tiredly fight their way over roadblocks and end up making it to an Army special forces camp where they stay for a few hours, before being attacked by mutant creatures, or at least one of them. Eventually they defeat the creature.

The special ops team decided the chopper crew and girl need to be "escorted" to an "extraction" zone. Well, the pilot crew had two officers, and they KNEW what was going on. They know what position troops take when escorting prisoners. They took over the situation, took the weapons, killed one of the assholes, and sent the last remaining dude off with just a pistol.

Eventually, they find a strange backpack, but as soon as they do, zombies found them. They were originally trying to find a crossing point of a river, but they don't make it. They only make it to a park like area along the river before being swarmed again. They put up a hell of a fight, and the PC (Who was ended up holding the bag) used it to HIT the zombies that got close, but ultimately they are overcome by zombies.

At the last moment, a vehicle drives up, and armed militants shoots off the majority of the zombies. At this point the chopper crew are bit up bad, other than one guy who is beating zombies off his friends. The PC girl, she ends up buried, for a moment. But because she has the backpack, they just grab her. The chopper crew also somehow manage to get to her and call out. I mean, it is not so loud when there are no shooting, it is mostly zombies grunting and random shouts of pain when someone gets bitten or torn open. Yea, some of the crew get really chewed up. Some of them are starting to itch and comment on how hungry they are. The PC chick is also chewed up and itches allot, and is beginning to get very hungry. Well, the girl still has that backpack and a device inside was activated when she was hitting the zombies. The militants (who have swords) notice the device is activated, and begin to hack at close by zombies with their swords to buy time as they try to remove the device from the backpack, however, it's too late, and everyone in the area phases away, crew and all, and end up in an alternate realm.

The PC girl wakes in some room, thirsty, worn out, achy. This is where the enter the VR-World. Here, she recovers along with the crew. they were cooled off hardcore and quarantined, and put in suspended animation. The infection was taken form their blood and tests were run, and with nano-technology, the virus was allowed to mutate however which way it would or could under so many different environments, mixed, and done many times trough multiple processes at one time (many samples at a time) and a composite antibody was synthesized and administered to the crew before they woke up. During their coma, their bodies underwent the worst of the affects, including muscle spasms, intense repairing processes, and total DNA reformation to implement the virus they were infected with to be incorporated into their own. A considerable number of possible mutations were forced and the antibodies were developed. Millions of possible mutations were no longer able to affect them. (These fuckers were immune, dammit).

Well, they could not go back, since the vortex program went kine of, off line for a while. So, the crew and girl had to be implemented into the population. Girl went to school, pilot and co pilot got jobs in military as pilots, enlisted crew members ended up doing random things, training, to better their personal experience, and well, yea.

One of the crew members ended up staying with the girl, help with things if needed, or to keep him out of trouble, and they got the chance to go on a camping trip. They take a chopper. And well, yea, things get crazy. The two of them explore the area.

Girl gets stuck in cavern, dud gets stung by many bees (still they don't notice that he healed within a day). She has rotten dreams, he goes swimming in river one morning, she thought it be fun to join him, and got cold, LOL. Eventually they got to go, and chopper comes and gets them (they are very deep in middle of nowhere mountains north of Vancouver).

As they leave, chopper gets attacked by very big something. It is a dragon. It kills ALL of the crew, but not her, because she is special. She holds a ring he wants but can't get it without her giving it to him, so he takes her and abuses her hardcore, tortures and kills random folks he finds near by (he flies her to small near by towns and tortures and kills folks). She never gives the ring up. Eventually, another dragon comes and rescues her, but not before the asshole dragon curses her with the memory of the events. The good dragon stays with her for a while, tries to tame her worries, flies her around, keeps things tranquil, before she is sent back to the events just before they leave on the chopper. This time they do something different. The asshole dragon is intercepted by the good dragon, and is bullied as he did the girl, or was about to do. However, she is plagued with the memory of those events, even though they didn't happen.

They return, she does more school, and goes on another break, and is now at the facility they dimension traveled into from their Resident Evil universe. The potential for weird events continues.
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