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A few parts of DCA  Rules are posted. Namely basic guidelines for character advancement. Take a look and plan ahead.
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Dragnoxz of the Free World (Read 7 times)

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Dragnoxz of the Free World
04. Apr 2015 at 11:38
I, Dragnoxz, a being live with the soul of a dragon, introduce myself. All I say is true, nothing made up. It can't be,

I am said to be odd, yet I still can get even.

When they say I can't do it because they doubt my ability, I do it out of sheer determination to prove them wrong for doubting me.

At times they say I talk to much, but I am only making up for many lonely years of seclusion from humanity.

It is still difficult to adapt to how cruel humans are to one another, and how they value things like money or material gain more than life.

I have this uneasy feeling if waited on at restaurants because I see humans serving humans, and I feel unworthy to have them serve to me.

Education cost, but should not cost. I dislike that those of privileged families benefit more than those of poor families, and fear there is no equality in this sense.

In seclusion I survived on a food garden (tomatoes, okra), wild berries (black), wild onions, wild frogs (not toads), eggs (chicken), and Raman noodles, for nearly a full year, oh and water to drink or cook with.

I have felt ice on a shower floor while taking a winter shower a few times, pulling muscles form the uncontrolled shivering. I could see my breath, there was no heat, and snow fell outside.

From only an elementary level education, I lived that secluded life, only to be rushed into society, going form that level of education to attaining a 2 year degree, within 3 years.

I live by a code or honor, loyalty, freedom, uphold what's right and conquer what's wrong, protect the innocent and weak and defeat injustice and oppression.

I am highly territorial when it comes to land, or territory, personal space, etc. I respect the territory of others. I am not territorial when it comes to another person, they are their own territory and are owned by nothing but themselves.

Born year of the dragon, I am a dragon, so I like dragons.

I like to fly, I love aviation, especially military aviation, and fighter jets.

I love freedom and adventure. I like exploration of new untamed places, and the cosmos.

When they say "What's up ?" I look up and tell them what I see.

When they say "How are you ?" I say that I don't know how, but I just am.

To me atheism is boring but yet I refuse to be of one of the many religions. I am just me, strong, yet humble.

My generosity and kindness should never be mistaken for a weakness to invite bullying. Dragons of War shall be unleashed upon poor souls who mistake my generosity and kindness as a weakness to be exploited.

I like to laugh, especially when it's those random funny moments or words we invent. Anyone like to laugh ?
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