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A few parts of DCA  Rules are posted. Namely basic guidelines for character advancement. Take a look and plan ahead.
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FEAT: Transmuters heir (Read 15 times)
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FEAT: Transmuters heir
21. Apr 2012 at 18:27
Prerequisites:Having access to the library of an Epic Level Transmuter.
You can cast any Transmutation spell with a spellcraft check.
The DC normally is 10+5*spell level.
This can be reduced by using an actual spell slot.
If you use a spell slot, the DC gets reduced by 4* spell level of that slot.

If the DC is missed by less tan 5 points the spell stil works, but there will be a side effect.
If you miss by more than 5 points, the spell fails, but you still get the side effect.

The side effect is a transmutation effect that can only be removed with a remove curse spell. (The original DC is the DC for that spell)

Possible side effects (Player can choose):
- Shrink 20% (3 of those reduce you by a size category, resulting in a loss of 2 points of strength and all the usual effects of a new size category (but no dex bonus))
-Grow 20% Not available if you are currently shrunken from previous effect. After 3 levels your size category goes up, giving you a +2 to strength and all the usual changes of a new size category
- Animalification of a body part. Acceptable parts are all arms, all legs, torso, head. Each Animalification comes in three steps
Step 1: Only visual changes
Step 2: Minor mechanical effects (For example if your arms change into those of an animal without thumbs you get a -2 penalty on all checks that would require thumbs)
Step 3: The body part is exactly like that of the animal, with perhaps the exception of size (unless you are in the right size category)
-Growing a tailThe tail can be of any animal type. At level 1 it is easy to hide, at level 3 it is the full size of what an animal of your size category should have. Further taking of this can grow you an additional tail
-Growing a pair of limbs The limbs can be arms, legs or wings. Again this comes in three levels, as the limbs slowly grow in size, at level 3 it will be at a fitting size for you. Wings give you a fly speed equivalent to your run speed
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