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A few parts of DCA  Rules are posted. Namely basic guidelines for character advancement. Take a look and plan ahead.
1  Art / Word art / Guardian Demon
 on: 23. Feb 2019 at 06:54 
Started by Dragnoxz | Post by Dragnoxz
Oh guardian demon be at my side as we ride to Hell on a dragons hide.
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2  Art / Word art / Re: Hell's Injustice
 on: 17. Feb 2019 at 07:05 
Started by Dragnoxz | Post by Dragnoxz
In days of war Hell strikes our home
They took our Freedom and left us in tears
Our dragons then formed to battle and roar
Fighting with vengeance they’ll end hells injustice.
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3  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver Tree Valley 3: The cult of the tree
 on: 31. Jan 2018 at 03:32 
Started by Elana | Post by Dragnoxz
Aw, but I was just starting to have fun with the dude with the gun.

If he realized he was suspected, he might have started to shoot anyway. My plan was to somehow discreetly communicate to the agents that the dude was conlromized, and get the weapon from him. Then, stop Bruzer, the Bruno, and then find my little friend and begin play bullying her when all is done, and bra about how I stopped the bad guy from screwing up the world, and then make allot of spells and do fun things.

Perhaps you grew bored of my responses and role play ? Or tasks of personal life have grown to be more demanding ? Whatever the case, I don't think negative of it. Everyone has their reasons.

Perhaps all this role playing warrants friendship in some way ?
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4  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver Tree Valley 3: The cult of the tree
 on: 28. Jan 2018 at 19:36 
Started by Elana | Post by Elana
Okay, as I haven't posted in over a month, I guess we can assume that the game is dead now.

But I guess you deserve at least what was going on, so you can imagine how you would have solved it Wink

The soldier was actually possessed by a creature Bruno had summoned.

When the Agents would start to close the portal with iron wire he would have snapped and starting to shoot around.

Bruno himself is an insane cultist who started worshiping Cthulhu after he bought a fake necronomicon.
(And I mean obviously fake, whatever magic he learned it sure as hell didn't come from that prop)

If he had succeeded he would have performed a blood ritual(complete with human sacrifices) To open lots of portals to the dimension of his insanity.

Which of course could have changed the world for good.
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5  General Category / General Board / I Graduated !
 on: 18. Dec 2017 at 15:16 
Started by Dragnoxz | Post by Dragnoxz
Nao I got 6 years of college, weeeeeee, lol. (And I founded a student organization and wrote a book, dammit).


Pilot license
Officer test
Officer school
Pilot selection

(Dammit, so close yet so far)
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6  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver Tree Valley 3: The cult of the tree
 on: 16. Dec 2017 at 18:23 
Started by Elana | Post by Dragnoxz
"Dude, this isn't Men In Black. They are investigation folks. They look for things and investigate things. It's not like they are assigned to find AWOL army fighter chopper pilots." I emphasize that as I give the agents this discreet look of obviousness "They want to find the portal, and some religious guy." I gesture to him, discreetly, almost talking to the agents, pointing him out covertly at the same time. "But, if you gotta be all paranoid about some FBI dudes, you being army and all, that's ok. You can carry all the weapons if it makes you feel better." I hand him the jumble of weapons. It should give the agents a window of opportunity to do something once he grabs them, if they are observant enough. If not, at least I don't gotta waste my energy carrying all the weapons, lol.
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7  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver Tree Valley 3: The cult of the tree
 on: 11. Dec 2017 at 17:15 
Started by Elana | Post by Elana
You are local to the area, so no need to roll to find something basic like tha.

Finding your bearing might become important if oyu get lost on the other side Wink

""I don't trust them. What if they try to wipe our memory or something"

"<groan> You are getting silly, Mr....what can I call you anyway?"

"My name? Eh..."

The pilot guy looks down on the writing on front of his jacket

"You Es ...Justin Eh Ar Em...Armstrong.
Yes that is totally my name Justin Armstrong

"I see. Well...Mr. Armstrong to be perfectly honest..I'm not comfortable with anyone with your attitude pointing a gun at my back"
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8  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver Tree Valley 3: The cult of the tree
 on: 09. Dec 2017 at 14:10 
Started by Elana | Post by Dragnoxz
Addressing pilot: "Dude, you acknowledged that they are authentic FBI agents, there is no need to have to watch them, they aren't kids, or grems, or whatevers. AWOL isn't so bad. It's like a minor mark on some record, right ? What's the worse they can do, kick you out, or put you on some sort of suspension ? Then you wouldn't have to worry about anything but finding a job. You could learn magic and shrink nukes for the FBI and pack some grems in a barrel with the nuke and drop it over some other country and see what happens.

And agents, I gotta admit, I'm probably crazy, but not insane. You should be crazy too. It's the only way to get past all this nonsense. (Oh no, maybe I'm going insane), haha, kidding. Y'all need to chill out. It's not like this Click-La-Chew is real. It's probably just the portal. Which is, um. This way. Or, that way ?"

I try to get my bearings. Should I roll a wisdom check to see if I go the correct way ?

A D-20 ?


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9  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver Tree Valley 3: The cult of the tree
 on: 04. Dec 2017 at 17:41 
Started by Elana | Post by Elana
"Average size, average build. Dark hair, has a tendency to dresses 'mysterious' And he is also quite insane and started to worship Cthulhu after he bought a fake Necronomicon.
And things wouldn#t be so bad, but when he started praying to Cthulhu,
something answered.
And we think whatever it is can spread the insanity

"Whatever. Just lead them to the portal. I will follow behind them and make sure that they don't try anything.]"
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10  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver Tree Valley 3: The cult of the tree
 on: 01. Dec 2017 at 09:04 
Started by Elana | Post by Dragnoxz
"Dudes. Before we move on, what does this Bruno chick, uh, champ, look like ?"
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