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A few parts of DCA  Rules are posted. Namely basic guidelines for character advancement. Take a look and plan ahead.
1  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver tree valley 2:Into the weird
 on: Yesterday at 21:40 
Started by Elana | Post by Elana
Ahh.few problems.
The Dryads cage is made of iron..so it resists any attempts to do anything with magic.

And keeping the elves..remember that the spell only lasts for as long as you can keep up the concentration.

So even best case scenario, the moment you go to sleep their size gets restored

And while you think about that..the next chapter will most likely come up within the next 48 hours
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2  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver tree valley 2:Into the weird
 on: Yesterday at 02:09 
Started by Elana | Post by Dragnoxz
Ah crap, I should have remembered. Been locked up in allot of personal situations. (Broke down car, classes starting up again, jobs conflicting, bills coming up, recently moved, etc).

Political Influence would probably be the best option, because the character can influence folks to attain funding, rally agencies to provide troops, to be able to use HQ's of other agencies (entities, organizations, etc), to be the KING, or leader of regions. To direct finds, rather than directly having them. And, by being diplomatically influential, he could call upon his advisers, one being a magic adviser, as well as resources adviser for equipment, and even a black group for criminal, or (secret affairs).

As for the Dryad. The entire cage with her in it wold be shrunk until it was small enough to be 6 inches tall, with the dryad in it. She can be a withering away pet for to be shook around once in a while when in need of releasing some aggression.

The Elves. They can be abuse toys, for many fun activities. They were assholes. I am sure they wold have caused a few sleepy times. But, what can they do to me being so big compared to them, especially if they are in a cage or tub or container of some sort ?

The VR thing is given to the girl, so she can do whatever she needs to to fix it all, or mess it up more, lol.

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3  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver tree valley 2:Into the weird
 on: 15. Aug 2017 at 20:29 
Started by Elana | Post by Elana
Again..the Dryad is in the cage.

Lisa was pulling the cart..a job that can't be done while being in a cage.

And I really don't think you want to free a Dryad who can animate trees and want to see you dead.

Especially if she is currently so nicely trapped in a magic resisting cage.

But thinking it through you now have Lisa and the VR headset and the Dryad in a predicament that makes her a non issue.

Sounds like a good point to end the chapter
(You get of course to decide what you do with the Dryad and the elves)

Also to compensate for the slowness of the game I will also let you jump from a level 1 leader straight to level 5 for the next adventure.

With that level lots of stuff improves, but you can pick one of the following as a focus that will improve faster than the rest:
Headquarter size
Headquarter locations(can be as far as having several headquarters in each of several worlds)
Political influence
Criminal influence
Magical influence(No, not power for you..you would just know people who have some)
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4  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver tree valley 2:Into the weird
 on: 14. Aug 2017 at 02:48 
Started by Elana | Post by Dragnoxz
"But she's fast."

"Ok, this thing. The cage. It probably has a key." I check the pocket elves for a key.
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5  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver tree valley 2:Into the weird
 on: 13. Aug 2017 at 19:24 
Started by Elana | Post by Elana
But I don't think your little friend can hear you.
You send her out to get the VR headset.
And I think even this weird reality wouldn't have it lying around in the forest
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6  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver tree valley 2:Into the weird
 on: 13. Aug 2017 at 12:28 
Started by Elana | Post by Dragnoxz
I immediately smile tiredly and say "SHRINK." Then, I snatch him up and flick his head until he is knocked out, completely. "Bitch." I shake my head and grab the rest of them and grip them in my hands. "One word and I squish you all at once." I look around. "I need something to put them all in." The knocked out one I shove, kind of roughly into my right back pocket. "Nah, no chances." As they attempt to talk, or struggle for air, I move them around to where I can get to their heads, and flick them on the head repeatedly until I know they are all knocked out. I knock them all out and carelessly shove them all into my pockets. "Found a place."

I walk to the girl. "Yo. Let's get you out." I attempt to get her out as I call out. "Lillian, were are-thou, Lillian ?"
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7  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver tree valley 2:Into the weird
 on: 09. Aug 2017 at 20:33 
Started by Elana | Post by Elana
"If You ask that nicely..SLEEP"

As he shouts that word you become really drowsy.
The magic isn't quite strong enough to get you to sleep at once but you are very close.

Seeing that he did that with a single word instead of a long incantation you realize that it would be really dangerous to give them any chance to cast anything at you again....
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8  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver tree valley 2:Into the weird
 on: 08. Aug 2017 at 23:11 
Started by Elana | Post by Dragnoxz
(Ah, I will correct the role play to suit more of a prideful sense).

"Hahah ! My lame magic tricks, huh."

I walk over to the small cluster of live Vulcan toys, pretending as if not to see them at first. "Oh my. Where ever did those pointed eared captives go-oh, there they are. I nearly stepped on you guys, haha. Now, micro Vulcan's. What were you saying about my lame magic ?"

If they attempt to escape, I step in front of them to block them. "You are all about Lilly-size, but I want you to get smaller. You think my magic is lame magic, but I'll SHOW you just how lame and low I can be with you."

I blow at them all, kicking up debris at them. "I might give you all to your queen as a gift. Maybe my magic power will impress her. Don't you think so ? No, you don't. You guys think my magic is lame, so I'll have to shrink you guys a second time, with my lame magic."

I softly pinch the head of the one with the whip, just enough to pick him up. Then I get a better hold of him, grabbing under his arms carefully. I bring him closer to my face and then hold him over my mouth to where his whip dangles, then I clamp my mouth on his whip. "Mmm." Then I slowly pull his whip from him. I suck the whip up like a string of spaghetti, close enough to him that it could whip him as it quickly sucks up. "You mentioned me tasting the whip." I chew it up. Then I dangle him, holding him by one of his feet, ad spit it out at his face. "You said my magic is lame. Well, I'm gonna show you just how lame it can be." I smile, then carelessly drop him. I hold my foot out to catch him on the top of my foot to break his fall, letting him roll off the top of my foot, next to the others. "Let's see my lame magic shrink you again."

I hold my hands out in preparation to do the spell again. "Any last words before I can't hear you anymore ?"
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9  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver tree valley 2:Into the weird
 on: 08. Aug 2017 at 20:38 
Started by Elana | Post by Elana
You seem to be confused with proud and pride.

You can be proud of stuff you actually achieved.

But pride is what makes you belief stuff you will do will be great.

So for proper pride invoking you should have more thoughts along the line
Oh they don't want to see my magic, because magic is lame..
I will show them lame.
I will perform a magic trick so great that even those wannabe vulcans will be impressed
That will show them that I'm the greatest wizard of all time

And as being full of yourself is your way to tap into the dark side your magic gets quite a boost and works.

The elfs shrink down to about 5 inch and so are a lot more manageable
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10  Other RPGs / Adventures / Re: Silver tree valley 2:Into the weird
 on: 08. Aug 2017 at 06:59 
Started by Elana | Post by Dragnoxz
(Ay, of course he will be proud of himself, if it works).

With a smile, I am joyful and proud of myself that the blocked road is working. I begin the shrink spell to maximum effort. "Shrink to half the size of my little Lilly friend so I can have a clutch of mini-Vulcan pets.."

(Forgot the role sequence, so I rolled two of each).



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