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Posted by: Dragnoxz Posted on: 17. Feb 2017 at 13:45
I relentlessly continue my struggle toward impossible goals. The purpose of life is to be thankful for existing in such a way that we can witness and experience existence from the many sensory perspectives, for however long we exist, in whatever form of life we exists as. At least that is the purpose I chose for this life that I live. I think it is important for life to live its struggle. I am thankful for experiencing whatever experiences I have. They who don't have life can't even be jealous to the luxury of pain that the living don't appreciate. We only temporarily exist as we are. So the world we exist in is a mixture of random flaws and perfections. I think the flaws of existence are random challenges we can face and can try to overcome, and the perfections I think are the admiration's we can enjoy. Even flaws can be regarded a perfect flaws to admire.
Posted by: Dragnoxz Posted on: 28. Jan 2017 at 16:47
Sticks (Dream)
So I'm in the national guard, an officer, and apparently just got my team. My crew don't know me and I don't really know them but they know one another. My first day, the nation seems as if it broke out in a civil war. The government is out of action, the radios talk of prisons left to rot, and it is total anarchy and I just want to get everyone to the next base alive. It's just us that we know of. Most of my crew are women, and I don't even know most of their names yet. - We are on foot to avoid being too exposed or obvious, leading to a road incident, since the streets are heavily blocked and trapped. We allow some civilians to tag along on our way, some say a local prison recently got overrun by inmates, some most likely broke out, causing hell in the area. We do hear reports of inmates robbing, raping,
Killing, and doing allot of bad things. Last report about another team from our unit, we heard they were ambushed, treated harshly and got killed by some inmates about a week earlier. We don't know what happened to them, and there is no way of knowing where to find them. - As we make our way through residential area, we actually find uniformed personnel, no longer alive though. We get the tags of about 4. We decide to split up to try and find survivors of the other crew. - We find one survivor, pretty banged up wearing civilian clothes. She tells the tale of what happened to the rest of her team. She was a small girl, could easily hide, and that is why she escaped alive. She warned of inmates still searching for her team and being armed with hunting rifles and legal  Angryassault rifles. Our other team didn't know of this, and we were barely armed. - We run to meet up with the other team to let them know. Problem is, we were supposed to meet up at a predetermined location and it wasn't actually time to. So we had to hunt them down. We entered a large building to get a good view of the area, 7 floor up, looks like a small office building. We spot a band of armed inmates trying to find something. They were using walky-talkies to communicate. The girl we found had one and found their frequency, and we listened. They sounded intimidating, cruel, and disrespectful of the uniform. We learn they are in fact trying to find the rest of the girls teammates. - We spot our team, and run to regroup with them. We finally catch up to them and while trying to inform them of the situation, and to quiet them down since they were kind of laid back and unaware of the situation, we spot an inmate in a tree giving away our position, and before we knew it, a pack of inmates surrounds us. Most of them were armed with bats and machetes, but two had firearms. One an assault rifle, the other a handgun. All of us were armed though, and the inmates just realized that as we all casually pulled out ours, almost with smiles, but not quite. Two of us were at gunpoint though. I told them to just grab the weapons from the inmates, and when they didn't, I got mad and stormed on over to the inmate with the pistol and snatched it out of his hand, and the girl of the other team did the same to the guy with the assault rifle. The inmate didn't budge and started laughing at her, and pointed the weapon at her. I ordered the guy on my team who was at gunpoint to take the weapon from the asshole, and he was frozen, too scared to move. The girl finally managed to get the weapon from the guy, and started beating him with it because she recognized him. He still kept laughing at her, and us. The other inmates also started laughing too. I told her to use something better. There was a heavy dinner bowl on the ground next to her I pointed at. The inmate took the weapon back from her and pushed her away. So I stormed to him and punched him in the face as hard as I could and grabbed the plate and started beating him on the head with it and told my guys to DO THIS DAMMIT. So they grabbed the inmates. - "Sir, sir." One of my guys were trying to get my attention. "Look at them." His tone was sorrowing, with pity toward the inmates. I looked at them, and realized that they were all very skinny and weak. I felt like an asshole for beating the guy when I realized he was so weak, and looked at the girl we found, and she was also skinny. We found out she was one of the inmates too. She confessed this and told us what the men inmates did to her. We learned that the other actual team was dead, and that the inmates were actually looking for her, not the other team. The other team was also only 4, and we found them all. There were 9 my team. 3 guys, 5 girls, and me. I was the oldest. Though I was a new officer, and new to the team. I woke up soon after. I would have wanted to know if we tried to save the inmates too. I'm sure we would have.
Posted by: Dragnoxz Posted on: 08. Jan 2017 at 11:20
The Last Delivery (Dream)
I was being chased by a car with those stupid big rims, and was being shot at. I guess cause I was running away from being robbed, or someone got mad at my driving, or just didn't like the delivery company I work for, who cares, I was not trying to find out. They were shooting at me. I ran stop signs and red lights, and found a police roadblock and I approached it. I started honking at the police to get their attention, and ended up getting shot up by the police on top of my perusers. Couldn't go that way, but had no where else to go. I tried to go around the police vehicles, but there was no way around, so had to go through the roadblock. Too late, legs didn't work. I must have been paralyzed at that point. Car could not stop so it kept rolling forward on its own, to the police cars, and bumped into them. I was still being shot at by both the original unknown attackers, as well as the police. My windows were shut, and had a delivery sign on top. Police logic, shoot anyway. At some point I guess they shot the attackers, or the attackers got away, but not sure. I don't know, my windows were busted and my limp body was being painfully dragged out. "He's a delivery driver." A woman cop said. A male cop replied, "Hmm, still probable threat." (Meaning they still thought I shot at them). I started moving my head slightly. The woman spoke up in surprise "He's still alive." My last words of intense pain as they dragged me out were, "Against, company policy, to be armed." And thats when I woke up. Honestly, delivery drivers should be armed.
Posted by: Dragnoxz Posted on: 17. Dec 2016 at 18:20
Psycho Top Floor
So reports for extremely violent and unconventional murders took place on the top floor of some hotel or casino type place. The top floor had fire damage and was blocked off and being renovated, on top of that it was a murder scene and was taped off as well, so not really being renovated. To floor it the site, and it is partially exposed to the sky. Second to top is security lounge, and below that a large banquet hall. And below all that, hotel rooms and casino levels. Someone told me going on Rey top floor is dangerous, cause the killer could still be up there, hiding. So I didn't go up there. I eventually found out some information about times before that some strange killer killed by luring victims up there. It was strange because they always got away, and always killed their victim, and no one could find them and they never went below the top floor. Some Asian nerd like guy overhears me and friends who were apparently on vacation talking about solving the murder, using a sly tactic by luring the killer out in the open with someone as bait and get video footage with live internet feed watching for all on the Internet to observe to help find where the killer comes out from, unlike the killer would expect. Cameras get hidden during the day before the killer realizes. There is a catch about the killer. It/he/she only comes out at night and there is something different about the killer. We don't know, but we know it/he/she does not come out in the day for some reason. And nobody can find them in the day but the killing were said to happen at a specific time at night. It is creepy because police searched the place, apparently, from what was talked about in that talk. So, guess who becomes the bait to lure the killer. Me. We set the cameras up. The top floor is partially exposed to the bare sky, and there is a balcony that has the roof part still, but the room itself looks like the roof was blasted away, and a mechanical room has its roof still, and there it a stare case leading into yet another floor, which looked like a lounge of some sort. The walls looked partially burned. We did our thing and left to wait till night. At night, the Asian guy tells me of elevator that is not in use that leads to the top floor that I can use to get there. I was thinking he was the killer trying to lure my ass to death, cause, maybe he was a psycho, was not sure. Didn't know the dude. So, on the to the top, I gathered some toys, and insurance just in case. Of course, while looking for stuff to defend myself with in various mechanical rooms the elevator also had stops at, I stop on the banquet floor, and the elevator doors open, and it was an ongoing banquet. I nearly freaked because it was nothing but cops in uniform, attending the banquet. Thy looked at me, and I apologized for interrupting their banquet, and closed the elevator door. Next floor was security level, I went in there, because apparently the elevator didn't want to go further, so I had to sneak past the security offices, unlock a door leading to top floor, and bam, I was in the place. I saw why the elevator didn't go up all the way, because the doors were open and shit was in the way. Someone had dos it purposely to prevent the elevator from going up. Well, I walked past the balcony, and past the stares leading to the sky lounge place, and heard noise. A chain. A very fast mother fucker runs out and stops, the momentum of the bladed chain whips around. This dude was not the Asian guy. Dude was much bigger. He was standing like 50 feet away, so I figured I had enough time to run and dive into the elevator shaft if I had to, hit the button to go down, and be told deep for him to jump down with me. He shouts some crazy shit and ran after me. I ran too, AWAY, scared as fuck, because that shriek of a scream was very not normal. I turned the corner, and made it to the stares that lead up to the sky lounge, and that fuck was right there behind me shouting how he hates me for something and wants to kill me. I had nowhere to go so I went up the stares and intended to jump off the balcony back to this floor, so half way up, I notice him at the base of the stares and he rapidly climbs up and grabs my ass somehow, and starts swinging the blades chain at me, hitting my face, dangerously close to my eyes, slicing gouges right by the border of where my eyes met the eye sockets. He did this at least five times before I kicked his knee and he fell off the stares. I fucking ran up the stares and he was getting back up and I jumped off the balcony and bolted for the elevator shaft, barely able to see. He didn't even notice I was on the ground on his floor while he went back up the stares. I ran, tripped on something, and fell face first and slid on my blood all the way to the open elevator shaft. I grabbed onto the elevator doors and slid into the shaft, hanging onto the ledge of the floor, I saw that fuck. Definitely not Asian, or anyone I knew. Not even human like. His face was very messed up, and he had growths in his back. He screamed that he hates me, and he looked my way, with blood lust eyes, and I fell backward into the shaft, saying fuck that shit. I painfully of up, tapped the floor to the banquet and it went down, that fuck was looking down at me when I looked back up. He saw the doors open and I saw him mid fall as I rolled out and quickly dodged to the side painfully screaming that it's the killer and to help. The police in the banquet stirred to action as the killer continued to swing the bladed chain at me, tearing off chunks off the top of my head, and unable to move at that point from low vision and possibly broken leg (not sure how I dodged to the side). The last thing I heard were cops screaming frantically for the killer to stop, the killer screaming in rage how he is going to kill me, the chain clanking on my tearing body, and then several gunshots, before I woke up with my heart pumping its ass off. Dammit, I wanted to see what the aftermath was like.
Posted by: Dragnoxz Posted on: 16. Dec 2016 at 06:01
The following are weird things I have experienced or wrote down as I thought about it. Had to write most of the dreams down because would not have remembered them, and still don't remember most of them, but they were cool. This is just the grasps of what I could write right after. Will probably post more as more happen.

(Vision/Half Awake Dream)
Large hallway, twice as high as normal, about 20 or more feet wide, restroom style tile walls (or subway), floors concrete. There are random rooms that are either showers with white stalls, restrooms with black stalls, or large locker rooms, with metal grey lockers, and there are basement levels, on the walls just inside are sinks and soap dispensers, faucets and on the floor there are drains, some soap dispensers don't work. There are also paper towel dispensers and dryers on walls. There are rooms with cots and even beds too, the cots are old, just like the beds. Water drips randomly

(Unknown/Daydream/Astral Projection)
A room, like a lobby, with glass dividers, with coffee tables, more like a large waiting room that feels like a class room. I saw many young adults, mostly women, talking, but I could not hear them. They knew I was there, but as if my presence was common, as if many like me peer in their realm, or whatever the place is. I smiled at one of the girls and waved while she looked over at me as she talked to the other girls, and she stopped and her facial expression changed, as if she was looking at a ghost. I spoke and signaled that I could not hear her, but could see her. The atmosphere was cool, like it was a winter time there. She looked of European Germanic decent, but judging from her lips she spoke with English words. I faded back and waved again. Were they ghosts existing in a parallel existence, or was I the ghost to them ? But was my appearance a common phenomenon to them ? If so, and they know we are unaware of their existence, perhaps now at least one knows one of us had seen them and is now aware of them. Kind of reminds me of silent hill. Was cool.

Was driving on a dark and eery road (half night), narrow but wide enough for two vehicles, and bumpy and patched, but not too bumpy, along slightly hilly and sparsely forested rural area, there were fences and random bushes along the fences, and random driveways that lead to unknown areas, maybe houses or farms.

Cryogenic Hibernation (Idea)
Depending on the time needed for cryogenic sleep, there is short term, long term, then even longer than that.

The blood flow is reduced by relaxing the heart by numbing, with artificial respiration hook up. Subjects must be purged of any intestinal substances l, and be hooked up to renal drainage. They sleep for up to a year or more, wake up unchanged, numb, till blood flow returns to normal, and then are very hungry and thirsty.

Creepy (Dream)
Remote or automatic attack puppy robots. Tan and beige. They have legs and rubber padding for paws with metal claws. The teeth are also metal and solid, the head is heavy, the mid area is also heavy, as if t has liquid in it. The legs are at least 3 times stronger than what a puppy of the one foot and a half length head to butt is. The tail looked like an automatic balancer, and was heavy also, and whipped wildly once picked up, as if to try to maintain its balance. They seemed programmed to attack differently. They all ran about as fast as a small ankle biter, and bit hard enough to cause damage. They ran and jumped and the claws would sort of grip and the mouth part would bite and then begin to tear. They didn't bark or anything, burnt was freaky when groups of them would attack. If they missed their target, they would circle around and come back. They landed perfectly after every jump to attack, and avoided random objects like chair legs, debris, etc. They appear to be attracted to sound and heat and motion signatures, as if they locked onto a sound source and heat source and motion sources. When they jumped they made an almost bark sound, but that was the electronic whine they made from the sudden thrust from then jumping. At least 150 or more of these things attacked in waves, in a dream that started off as if we were in some large building of many floors. There were other actual monsters, some were like the lickers from Resident Evil, but had human heads that were messed up, with the tongue, and crawling on ceilings, blocking our escape. There was a hospital like level, a mall like level, an office building style level, a utility style level, a square or box pond looking network style level, and the level with the robot puppies, which was an abandoned office building level, and another level that was like an abandoned wear house. The abandon office building area looked like all the cubicles and furniture were removed, with a few pieces of office furniture left behind. The empty wear house had tarps and cords and random crates and boxes setting all around. The robot puppies emerged from hidden doors. The monsters morphed or instantly mutated from or out of dead bodies that were laying around. They were definitely animated and moved allot like the chick in The Grudge, and the lickers from Resident Evil. One of them had started to change to the appearance of a licker, with the exposed brain and all, where the skull looked like it was being shed.

Adventure Indiana Jones Style (Dream)
It started off with me being chased in some jungle. A path that was steep with hills and cliffs with greenery and lots of vines growing high was moist and dense. Bullets whizzed past as I ran, trying to get away from angry mercenaries. I had something they wanted, perhaps a computer chip or artifact, oh they were not happy with me. I finally lost them, and came up on some area that looked like a modern sacrificial ground. There was a large truck parked on an incline facing the location where a bunch of guys were doing something. Of course, it was all fended in. I managed to climb the dense and trim the razor wire with a pocket wire cutters and got in carefully. The gate was chained at the rod leading in, and there was a guy there, so that's why I didn't go that way. I was unarmed and didn't need to alert everyone. A small jeep pulled up from deeper in the fended in compound and the non-English speaking folk started talking and pointing. I hid under the truck, hanging onto the belly of it, so even if they looked under they couldn't really see me unless they really looked. They passed by, went out the gate and I got in the truck. I don't remember exactly what it was but it was allot like a dump truck. Driver side was on the left side, but the steering wheel was missing. There was a knob that was used for steering on the right side, and on the left were gears, and of course the pedals were normal. It was diesel powered. As soon as that jeep was gone, and the dense had been chained up again, I released the parking break, allowed the truck to roll down the hill and crunk it up, and hit the throttle. I never driven something like that before with gears. I nearly fracked and tried to turn before crashing into the guy and whatever area that looked important was, and remembered the knob, so I started turning that and the truck turned at the last moment. I went down the dirt road, and eventually got to some gate. It was heavily chained. I rammed that bitch, and it STOPPED the truck. I was going slow though. I backed up, then saw a normal fence, and rammed it instead. After I did that, alarms started sounding. I got onto an actual paved road, then saw aircraft and realized I was at a small airport. There was a mansion and some hangers and some runner down planes, each area was in different sections. I had limited time. I saw a small private jet being loaded, and my dream ended. I knew from the selection of aircraft and the time given that I could easily escape. If that jeep had returned, I had enough time to start one of the aircraft up and fly out, and would have taken off on a taxiway.

The Escape (Dream)
It started with me being in an office building that had light grey walls and concrete floors, large corridors and rooms. I was with a bunch of other random folk and we all entered a waiting room like room. Well, the doors locked and someone talked on an intercom and told us what was what. Basically, it was allot like the setting for the movie Saw. But was more like The Hunger Games. We were told to escape by any means, and that there is usually just one survivor, because many possible methods of escape are actually deadly traps. Kicking at a door resulted in a handgun connected to a mechanism to fire. Another tried breaking the window where we could see the corridor, and the ones who locked us all in casually walked about and looked in smiling. I would smile back, because I've had dreams like this before and knew not to do stupid things. Someone tried to escape through an air vent in the wall, despite me telling them it's a bad idea, but they did is anyway and got smashed. Someone found and opened an electric panel and started messing with it, and got electrocuted hardcore. It was one loud gunshot sounding BANG and they fell, flames were forming on their body from the intense heat of the energy. I said screw this and climbed up and got the handgun out of the mechanism, shot the panel, and knocked on the wall by the door on the wall the door was not on, shot a hole in the wall, peeled the wallpaper off and found another panel, opened it up a me slid it to the side, and pulled a lever, and the entire side wall slid open. It was some back room. There was a simple door leading to the corridor, and everyone walked out. Those who locked us in were not paying attention, and I walked up to their office with the gun and the others who survived, and I said "You guys gotta stop locking me in these places." They gave me this confused look, as if they were unaware that I have had this dream before. Perhaps to them it was not, but I laughed and walked out of the room, left them to the survivors, and got my things and said my farewell and casually walked out. My dream ended as I walked toward the exit.